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3DR Aero

Skywalker sideview
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The Aero provides 40 minutes of Pixhawk-powered autonomous flight housed in a sturdy and customized Skywalker airframe.

We have equipped the Aero with a powerful, efficient and reliable propulsion system based on the RC Tiger Motor 2820 motor. In addition, we are using upgraded Henge MD933 servos and Dubro components in the control linkages. These customizations ensure a reliable and efficient aircraft.

Fly longer and farther with our ready-to-fly Aero!

The Aero includes:

    • Ready-to-fly 3DR Aero aircraft
    • Flight checklist
    • 4S 6000 mAh LiPo power pack and balance charger
    • 3DR Radio air and ground modules
    • Micro-USB ground station adapter

Note: The Aero ships in travel configuration and will require basic assembly of the tail and wings before flight.

Documentation and instructions


        • Pixhawk autopilot system
        • 3DR GPS+Compass
        • RC Tiger Motor 2820 830kv motor
        • RC Tiger Motor 60A ESC
        • Gemfan 11x7 propeller
        • Henge MD933 servos
        • Dubro control linkages
        • External LED indicator and USB port
        • Digital airspeed sensor
        • Average flight time: 40 min
        • Payload capacity: 2kg
        • Wingspan: 1,880 mm
        • Maximum speed: 56 mph (90 kmh)
        • Minimum speed: 22 mph (35 kmh)
        • Internal payload volume: 280 cm3

Choose from the options below to customize your Aero:

Telemetry frequency: Telemetry radios allow your ground station to communicate with your aircraft wirelessly, providing unparalleled ease of use for viewing real-time flight data, using an Android tablet or computer. Pre-configured, the set includes an air radio, ground radio, telemetry connector cable, two antennas, and a USB extension cable. Please select the appropriate radio frequency for your country.

Radio control system: Each fixed-wing aircraft requires a radio control system to be used as either primary or backup control. If you don't already have an RC transmitter and receiver, select one of the two radio control options (FlySky with a FrSky DJT module or a Spektrum DX7s), and we will connect and configure it for you! If you select not to receive a radio control system, your Aero will arrive without a transmitter or receiver. If you wish to use a PWM receiver, you will need to use a PPM encoder to connect to Pixhawk.

OSD/FPV system:
        Select the on-screen-display/first-person-view system to stream live video with superimposed live telemetry data. This kit comes fully configured and includes a Sony HAD 520 line camera, MinimOSD on-screen-display module, 5.8 Ghz video transmitter and receiver pair, and two 900 mAh LiPo batteries. Note: This system does not include a device for viewing video. Please purchase
a monitor
      or other device to view the video from the OSD/FPV system.
Usually ships between 2-3 Weeks


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